TS ssc internal marks 2021 10th proforma, online entry

TS ssc internal marks 2021-2022, 10th proforma, online entry : ts 10th class internal marks online application form 2020-2021 available on bsetelangana.org, TS SSC 2020 internal marks online feeding can be done through online website bse.telangana.gov.in. Guidelines communicating for Certain Information Feeding of Formative Assessment Marks of the Regular Candidates through following article

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  • Telangana board SSC examination has been cancelled. The state government has decided to promote all the SSC students will be given grades based on their internal exams performance without conducting final examinations. Details of Internal Marks will be available to you soon New.
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TS SSC Internal Marks 2021 online feeding Application available now, link is given under

TS 10th class Internal marks online entry 2021 process has started, now ssc internal marks online feeding is now available. Active link of ts ssc internal marks entry 2021 is accessible from bsetelangana board website. ts ssc internal marks entry 2021 online application available from March 2, 2021 onwards.

In continuation to this office letter under reference cited, Officials are to inform you that the internal marks (FA) have to be uploaded by the Headmasters for Regular Vocational candidates pertaining to ssc Public Examinations March 2021 on web portal www.bse.telangana.gov.in.Itis informed that certain Schools have not uploaded the internal marks (FA) in time.

In this regard, all the District Educational Officers are requested to make arrangements for feeding Internal marks pertaining to the schools whose internal marks have were not uploaded. The web portal (www.bse.telangana.gov.in) from March 2 to March 21, 2021. All the Headmasters to upload the Internal Marks (FA marks) of Regular candidates from March 2 to March 21, 2021 by login Into their School ld.

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TS ssc internal marks 2021 10th proforma, online entry

TS SSC Internal marks online entry 2021

Telangana ssc online internal marks entry 2020 procedure has given from the following article, TS SSC internal marks online upload guidelines pdf file, SSC Formative Assessment marks entry all are accessing from bsetelangana.org website. DGE has informed to all DEOs that the Feeding of Internal marks have to be uploaded by the HM’s for Regular candidates pertaining to TS SSC Public Exams March 2021 on web portal www.bsetelangana.org.

In this regard all the District Educational Officers are requested to make arrangement for feeding Internal marks (FA) duly instructing Deputy Educational Officers to monitor the process of work day to day basis till the work is completed. Other important instructions also have to be followed without fail.

The following information is required to enter internal marks through online for  the 10th class students

  1. Languages:
    –> 1st Language (01T/02T) :  —–
    –> 2nd Language (09H) : ——-
    –> 3rd Language (13E/14E) : ——
  2. Non-Languages:
    –> Maths (15/16) :———
    –> Science (19/20) :———
    –> Social (21/22) : ————-
  3. Co-curricular Activities (Max. Marks 50)
    –> Value Education & Life Skills : ——–
    –> Art & Cultural Education : ——–
    –> Work & Computer Education :————-
    –> Physical & Health Education ——-

Procedure to calculate  Telangana 10th class Internal Marks :

The Headmasters shall keep the cumulative records containing the marks of 4 Formative tests of all the subjects of SSC March-2020 candidates. The Headmasters shall take the subject wise and candidate wise average of the formative test marks thoroughly before posting of marks through Online.

Example :

Suppose a student has secured 12 marks in the 1st formative test, 14 in the second, 15 in the third and 13 in the 4th formative test in a particular subject, then the average has to be taken as follows:

The sum of the 4 formative tests : 12 + 14 + 15 + 13 = 54

Average : 54/4=13.5

The 13.5 may be rounded off to 14 and the figure has to be taken into account for posting.

If the average score is between 13.1 to 13.4 it has to be rounded off to 13 only.

In case, a candidate has taken only three formative tests and absent for 4th formative test

A candidate has secured 15 in the 1st formative test, 14 in the 2nd, 15 in the 3rd test and absent for 4th formative test.

The sum of the 3 formative tests : 15 + 14 + 15 = 45
Divide it by 4 : 44/4=11

The Quotient 11 has to be taken into account.

BSE Telangana internal marks 2021

Once the cumulative records of internal marks as well as Co-curricular areas are ready the Online feeding of internal marks shall be taken up as and when the schedule is announced. The internal marks of all subjects of a candidate i.e., both curricular and co- curricular shall be entered in the computer. If any field of any candidate not entered, the computer will not allow you to move further.

After completion of entering of marks, the Headmaster has to take printouts in sufficient numbers and handover the printouts to the candidates for their verification and signatures. This helps avoiding the wrong posting of marks, posting of one candidate’s marks for another candidate etc., Then verify the data with reference to the corrections made by the students, cumulative records etc., thoroughly with the help of other teachers. Carryout the corrections if any, take the print out and verify it again to ensure 100% accuracy of the data.

Once the confirmation is done in the Computer, the editable option will be closed once for all. Now take 3 printouts and authenticate the reports by affixing the Headmaster signature. Take the printouts along with the subject wise as well as cumulative records to the concerned Deputy Educational Officer  for further verification and authentication.

ssc internal marks telangana 2021 proforma pdf

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TS ssc internal marks online entry 2021 : Online Website

Official website : bse.telangana.gov.in

#Rc No 41 TS SSC March 2021 Feeding of Internal Marks Online
#Guidelines for TS SSC 2021 Internal Marks feeding in bsetelangana

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