TS Teachers Transfers 2023 online application form

TS Teachers Transfers 2023-2024 through online, application here : Telangana Employees Transfers 2023 and TS Teacher Transfers online application form 2023 available in this website after officially released. In the Secretariat, the Government Committee chaired discussed the process of transfers. The government committee has decided to transfer of employees in Telangana. Exemption will be given from general transfers for Husband and wife, serious illness employee and Employee who are a 3 year away from retirement  .The district, zonal, state transfer will be made.

TS Teachers Transfers 2023 online application form

TS Teacher Transfers 2023-2024, online application form

Transfer will be done through online. After receiving the applications, the place will be allotted through web counseling. The government committee will meet with teachers’ unions on the design of general transfers. In the transfers, the teachers are required to make separate guidelines and discuss them and make a final decision.

The applicant’s have to submit only one application online in the proforma prescribed in the web counseling website. The Head Master/ Head Mistress Gr.lI (Gazetted) / Teacher who is eligible as per the criteria prescribed in Rule 5 shall apply online through counseling website in the prescribed proforma and the particulars furnished in the proforma shall be final and no modifications shall be allowed.

The applicants shall thereafter obtain the printout of the application from the counseling website and submit the same duly signed to their respective authorities, viz., Mandal Educational Officer/ Head Master/ Head Mistress of the High School, as the case may be.

An applicant seeking to apply under Preferential categories i spouse category shall also submit along with the application. the latest Certificate from the competent authority in that regard. If any Head Master/Head Mistress, Gr.ll (Gazetted) i Teacher who is compulsorily transferable under Rule 5 does not apply online, he/she will be transferred to the available, left over, vacancy.

TS Teacher Transfer Apply Online Schedule 2023

TS Teachers Transfers 2023 Schedule
Display of Existing Vacancy list & Seniority List27-01-2023
Application for transfer online28.01.2023 to 01-02-2023
Submission of hard copies with evidences to Mandal Officials31-01-2023 to 02-02-2023
Submission of hard copies to DEOs03-02-2023 to 06-02-2023
Display of seniority lists for Transfers & Promotions at DEO office07-02-2023
Submission of objections on seniority list for transfers and promotions with proof to DEOs/ RJDs07-02-2023
Redressal of objections/grievances by O/o RJDs and DEOs08-02-2023 to 10-02-2023
Display of final seniority list at DEO office & in website for transfer and promotions11-02-2023 to 12-02-2023
Web Option entry by Grade 2 HMs for Transfers11-02-2023 to 12-02-2023
Edit Web options for Grade 2 HMs13-02-2023
Transfers for HMs14-02-2023
Display of Grade 2 HM Vacancies for Promotions15-02-2023
Promotions for SAs as HMs16-02-2023 to 18-02-2023
Display of SA Vacancies after promotions19-02-2023 to 20-02-2023
Web Option entry by SAs for Transfers19-02-2023 to 20-02-2023
Edit Web options for SAs21-02-2023
Transfers of SAs22-02-2023 to 23-02-2023
Display of SA Vacancies for Promotions24-02-2023
Promotions for SGTs as SAs25-02-2023 to 27-02-2023
Display of SGT Vacancies after promotions28-02-2023 to 02-03-2023
Edit Web options for SGTs03-03-2023
Transfers of SGTs04-03-2023
Appeals05-03-2023 to 19-03-2023

PROCESS –Capturing Teacher Information for Telangana Teachers Transfers 2023

  1. In ISMS home page click on Teacher transfer link (For ISMS home page Browse schooledu.telangana.gov.in/ISMS/ ) below screen displayed select Teacher Transfer Service Under services
  2. Select New entry
  3. Enter mobile number, Treasury ID, Aadhaar number and click on Submit button
  4. Enter OTP and click on submit button
  5. On success full login below application displayed with basic details from database based on treasury ID
  6. Enter remaining teacher details which are not populated
  7. Under Spouse details select Whether the Teacher availed the benefit under Individual/Spouse Category During the Last 5/8 years as on 01-02-2023 Yes/NO
  8. Under spouse details select Whether spouse is Employee of State Govt/Central Govt/Public Sector Undertaking/Local body/Aided Institution in the same district(in the same Multi Zone for Gazetted Head Master, Gr.II) Yes/No
  9. If yes Enter Spouse employment details
  10. Enter preferential Category details, Check the disclaimer check box and click on submit button
  11. Below alert message displayed click on OK
  12. On success full submission below success message displayed
  13. Print Certificate is Additional facility provided for teachers to print the transfer details that were submitted
  14. In Home page select Teacher Transfer Application Print service

TS Teachers Transfers Online Application Form 2023-2024

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