AP new da go 2023, present da rates table for state govt employees

AP new da go 2023-2024, present da rates table, pending da for state govt employees : Govt announced the decision  to enhanced dearness allowance (Jan 2022 DA) and dearness relief (DR) to state government employees and pensioners by 2.73 per cent. The Andhra Pradesh Govt has issued GO No 66 dated 1-05-2023 for state government employees and pensioners at the current rates.

Highlights :

  • Latest : Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy has announced one DA for government employees for the Sankranti festival.
  • The Jagan government has agreed to give the Jan 2022 DA, The Jan 2022 DA is expected to increase by 2.73%.  The Present DA 20.02 is enhanced to 22.75 with a raise of 2.73%.
  • The DA/DR will be revised with effect from Jan 1, 2022.
  • DA increased from 20.02 % to 22.75 % of basic pay
  • Now present DA to AP Employees is 22.75 %
  • The Dearness Allowance sanctioned shall be paid in cash with salary of Jul 2023 onwards.
  • Next AP July 2022 DA will be released soon
AP New DA 2023 details
DADA Details
New DA Govt GoAP GO.66 Dt. 1-5-2023
Enhanced DA2.73%
Previous DA20.02%
Present DA22.75%
Affect date1 Jan 2022
DA Arrears1 Jan to 30 June 2023
AP new da go 2023, present da rates table for state govt employees

AP state government dearness allowance order 2023

The State government of Andhra Pradesh announced the enhancement of DA and DR for employees and pensioners. The government issued GO.MS.No 66 dated 1-05-2023 stating that dearness allowance payable to Govt Employees and dearness relief to government pensioners/family pensioners.

Government hereby orders revision of the DA to the employees of Government of Andhra Pradesh from 20.02 per cent of the basic pay to 22.75 per cent of basic pay from 1st of Jan, 2022.

AP DA Formula : The Dearness Allowance be regulated at 0.91% for the AP State Government Employees and Pensioners for every one percent (1%) of Dearness Allowance sanctioned to the Employees and Pensioners of Government of India with effect from 01.01.2019.

AP Jan & July DA Go’s, new da rates table Andhra Pradesh 2023

DA TypeGovt order with dateDA Rates %Affect from
Jan 2022 DAAP Go 66  Dated: 1-5-202322.75%01-01-2022
Jul 2021 DAAP Go 8  Dated: 17-1-202220.02%01-07-2021
Jan, Jul 2020 & Jan 2021 DAAP Go 8  Dated: 17-1-202217.29%01-07-2021
Jul 2019 DAAP Go 8  Dated: 17-1-20227.28%01-07-2019
Jan 2019 DAAP Go 8  Dated: 17-1-20222.73%01-01-2019
Jul 2019 DAAP Go 99  Dated: 20-12-202138.776%01-07-2019
Jan 2019 DAAP Go 51  Dated: 31-07-202133.536%01-01-2019
July 2018 DAAP Go 94  Dated: 04-11-202030.392%

(DA Merged in Basic Pay in PRC 2022)

Jan 2018 DAAP Go.No 14 Dated: 29-01-201927.248%01-01-2018
July 2017 DAAP Go 150  Dated : 17-09-201825.676%01-07-2017
Jan 2017 DAAP Go.No 27 Dated: 28.02.201824.104%01-01-2017
July 2016 DAAP Go 140  Dated: 11-08-201722.008%01-07-2016
Jan 2016 DAAP Go.No 16  Dated: 03-02-201718.34%01-01-2016
July 2015 DAAP Go 172  Dated: 27-08-201615.196%01-07-2015
Jan 2015 DAAP Go.No 18  Dated: 10-02-201612.052 %01-01-2015
July 2014 DAAP Go 47  Dated: 30-04-20158.908%01.07.2014
Jan 2014 DAAP Go.No 47  Dated: 30-04-20155.24%01-01-2014

AP Jan DA & July DA latest Govt Order ( Go ) download

Govt order with dateDA %Download Go copy
AP Go 6622.75%Download
AP Go 8 (After PRC 2022)20.02%Download
AP Go 995.24%Download
AP Go 513.144%Download
AP Go 943.144%Download
AP Go.No 141.592%Download
AP Go 1501.572%Download
AP Go.No 272.096%Download
AP Go 1403.668%Download
AP Go.No 163.144%Download
AP Go 1723.144%Download
AP Go.No 183.144%Download
AP Go 473.668%Download
AP Go.No 475.24%Download

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