ANU PG Colleges list, Acharya Nagarjuna University pgcet

ANU PG Colleges list 2019 Acharya Nagarjuna University pgcet : The following are the details of ANU PG colleges for 2019 – 2020 year filled by anu pgcet. This college and courses list can be useful to you for anupgcet counseling

Highlights :

  • Total Number of colleges : 69
  • Total PG seats : 5706
ANU PG Colleges list 2019 Acharya Nagarjuna University pgcet

List of pg colleges in Acharya Nagarjuna University

Here is the list with District and Place of Post Graduate Colleges located. We have listed Andhra Pradesh PG Colleges with district wise from below table.

S.NoName of the CollegeCourseIntake
1A.B.R. College of Education, Chinairlapadu, Kanigiri1M.Ed.40
1M.A. English40
2M.A. History40
2A.C. College, Guntur3M.Sc. Chemistry30
4M.Sc. Zoology30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
3A.K.V.K Degree College, Ongole2M.Com.40
4A.L. College of Education, Guntur1M.Ed.40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
5A.S.N. College, Tenali2M.Sc. Computer Science40
3M.Sc. Mathematics30
1M.A. Economics40
2M.A. History40
3Master of Social Work (M.S.W)40
6ANU PG Centre, Ongole4M.Sc. Mathematics40
5M.Sc. Statistics25
7B.S.S.B. Degree College, Tadikonda1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Computer Science30
8BA & KR Degree & P.G. College, Ongole3M.Sc. Mathematics30
4M.Sc. Physics24
1M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Chemistry30
3M.Sc. Computer Science40
9Bapatla Engineering College, Bapatla4M.Sc. Mathematics40
5M.Sc. Physics30
6M.Sc. Electronics30
10C.R. College, Chilakaluripet1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
11C.S.R. Sarma College, Ongole2M.Sc. Physics30
3M.Sc. Mathematics40
12Chaitanya College of Education, Markapur1M.Ed.40
13Chakradhar Degree College, Macherla1M.Sc. Chemistry30
14D.C.R.M Degree College & P.G. Courses, Inkollu1M.Sc. Chemistry30
15D.S. Govt. Degree & PG College for Women, Ongole1M.A. Telugu40
16Dhanalakshmi College of Physical Education, Epuru1M.P.Ed.80
17Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Centenary Degree College, Tenali1M.A. English40
18Dr. Kodela Siva Prasada Rao College of Education, Narsaraopet1M.Ed.40
19DVS College of Education, Darsi1M.Ed.40
1M.Sc. Computer Science40
20G.R.K Degree College, Ongole2M.Sc. Mathematics40
21G.V & A.D.S.L. College of Education, Ongole1M.Ed.40
1M.A. Economics20
2M.A. Telugu30
3M.Sc. Chemistry30
22Govt. College for women, Guntur4M.Sc. Zoology30
23H.M.K.S. & M.G.S.M. College of Education, Kanagala1M.Ed.40
2M.Sc. Chemistry30
24Hindu College, Guntur3M.Sc. Physics30
1M.A. English40
2M.Sc. Biotechnology30
25J.K.C. College, Guntur3M.Sc. Chemistry30
4M.Sc. Mathematics40
5M.Sc. Microbiology30
1M.A. English40
26J.M.J. College for Women, Tenali3M.Sc. Chemistry30
4M.Sc. Mathematics30
1M.A. Telugu25
27K.R.K. Govt. Degree College, Addanki2M.Com.30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
28Krishnaveni Degree College, Narasaraopet2M.Sc. Computer Science30
29KVR, KVR & MKR College, Khajipalem1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Botany24
2M.Sc. Chemistry30
30Mahatma Gandhi College, Guntur3M.Sc. Computer Science40
31MAM College of Education, Narsaraopet1M.Ed.40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Physics30
32NNR & CL Degree College, Ongole3M.Sc. Computer Science40
33NRK & KSR Gupta PG College, Tenali2M.Sc. Chemistry30
1Master of Social Work (M.S.W)30
34P.L.N.M. Degree College, Opp. ANU Campus3M.A. English40
35P.N.C.A Degree College, Singarayankonda1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
36PNC & KR College of PG Courses, Narasaraopet2M.Sc. Computer Science40
37R.V.R.R. College of Education, Guntur1M.Ed.40
1M.A. English30
2M.Sc. Biochemistry30
3M.Sc. Botany30
4M.Sc. Chemistry30
5M.Sc. Computer Science24
6M.Sc. Electronics24
7M.Sc. Mathematics30
8M.Sc. Microbiology30
38S.G.H.R – M.C.M.R. Degree College, Guntur9M.Sc. Physics30
10M.Sc. Zoology30
39S.M.Y.M. B.Ed. College, Darsi1M.Ed.40
40S.S.& N College, Narasaraopet1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
41S.S.N. Degree College, Ongole2M.Sc. Physics30
42S.V. Arts & Science College, Giddalur1M.A. Economics30
1M.Sc. Botany30
2M.Sc. Chemistry30
3M.Sc. Physics30
4M.Sc. Zoology30
43S.V.K.P. Degree & PG College, Cumbum5M.Sc. Mathematics40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry30
3M.Sc. Mathematics40
44S.V.R.M. College, Nagaram4M.Com.40
45Shams-Ul-Uloom College of Education, Markapur1M.Ed.40
46SIMS College of Life Sciences, Guntur1M.Sc. Chemistry30
47SKBR Govt. Degree College, Macherla1M.Sc. Computer Science30
48Sri ABR Govt. Degree College, Repalle1M.A. Ancient History & Archeology30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
3M.Sc. Physics30
49Sri Baba Gurudev Degree College, Sattenapalli4M.Sc. Computer Science30
50Sri Gowthami College of Education, Darsi1M.Ed.40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Mathematics40
3M.Sc. Physics30
51Sri Gowthami Degree & P.G. College, Darsi4M.Sc. Statistics30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
52Sri Harshini Degree College, Martur2M.Sc. Mathematics40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Physics30
53Sri Harshini Degree College, Ongole3M.Sc. Computer Science30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Botany30
3M.Sc. Biochemistry30
54Sri Kandula Obula Reddy Degree College, Bestavaripeta4M.Sc. Physics30
5M.Sc. Zoology30
55Sri Pratibha PG College, Kandukuru1M.Sc. Chemistry30
56Sri Venkateswara College of Education, Kollipara1M.Ed.40
1M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry30
57Sri Venkateswara Degree College, Guntur2M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.A. English40
2M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry30
58Sri Venkateswara Degree College, Kollipara3M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Mathematics40
59Sri Vivekananda Degree College, Podili2M.Sc. Chemistry30
60St. Ignatius Degree & P.G. College, Gurazala1M.Sc. Chemistry30
61St. Joseph’s College of Education for Women, Guntur1M.Ed.40
62St. Paul’s College of Education, Giddaluru1M.Ed.80
1M.A. English30
3M.Sc. Chemistry30
4M.Sc. Computer Science40
63T.J.P.S. College, Guntur5M.Sc. Mathematics40
6M.Sc. Physics30
64T.S. Reddy Degree & P.G. College, Piduguralla1M.Sc. Chemistry30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
65V.S.R. & N.V.R College, Tenali2M.A. English40
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
66Vidyakendram Degree & PG College, Sattenapalli2M.Sc. Physics30
1M.Sc. Chemistry30
2M.Sc. Biochemistry30
3M.Sc. Microbiology30
67Vignan Degree College, Guntur4M.Sc. Mathematics40
2M.Sc. Chemistry30
68VRS & YRN College, Chirala3M.Sc. Oils, Fats & Petro Products30
69Y.A. Govt. Degree College for Women, Chirala2M.A. English30

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